~Happy Springtime~

Man... a lot going on this spring. My husband and I just got a house and we move this Saturday... we started looking after we found out that we were expecting a little one! Come August, we'll be parents! It's kicking around in there as I'm typing. Weird. I had a blast singing the National Anthem for the Timberwolves Game yesterday! They set us up with some nice tickets and, what do you know, we won! Coming up in April are a ton of private events with just one show open to the public. On April 15th, I'll be at the Twisted Grille in Hudson, WI with Mark Asche on keys. A mellow duo, the two of us. Might be just what you need to relax on potentially one of the most stressful days of the year... I suppose TaxDay has been moved to the 17th this year, so grab some wine before the crazy Monday. See the Schedule Page for more info...

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