On the Road Again...

Here we are! Out and about - doin' what we do best. Having a blast with the crew on the Girl Singers tour. Pretty easy when the crew consists of my brother(drums), my sister(vox), my mother(vox), my aunt(vox), and the piano player, the bass player, and the crazy fun tech guy. Playing a bunch in the plains and then we go back home at the end of March. I'm home for a few days, and then I head out to New York to play the Metropolitan Room on Thu Apr 8th and Carnegie Hall Fri Apr 9th. My good friend, Lynn Loosier is the reigning champion of The Apollo Theater's competition and she told me that she plans on having me sing at the Apollo on Wed Apr 7th, but we shall see.... T'would be crazed. Anyhow, the schedule of the whens and the wheres is on my Schedule Page. Feel free to drop me a line and be sure to pop over to a show if I'm in your area!!!! ~jennifer

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